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Barbed Wire Sculptures

Sculpting with barbed wire is a new and challenging medium for me.  Instead of dealing with mass as I do in clay, I am dealing with abstract forms and negative spaces.  As with bronze sculpture, barbed wire sculpture requires a keen knowledge of my subject's anatomy and behavior.  My objective is to find a unique gesture, only common to that particular animal I am creating, by using simple curves and shapes.


In searching farm properties, I look for the the oldest, most rusted barbed wire I can find.  Due to the brittle nature of barbed wire, I need to be careful when bending it as the margin of error is small.  A sketch is always completed first to find the composition of the animal I am attempting to create.  I find myself envisioning parts of an animal’s anatomy hidden in the piles of barbed wire.  For example, in a tangled mess of wire, I discovered two segments that looked like fox ears - thus the inspiration for “Foxy”.


I hope that you will find these barbed wire sculptures as interesting and addicting as I do.  Each completed piece is a one of a kind and is signed and dated.  I am glad to discuss any of your ideas for commissions.  

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