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Studio Workshops

Join a summer sculpture workshop at Ott's studio, open to sculptors of all skill levels. Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings, with picturesque views, the shade of cottonwood trees, a meandering creek, and occasional glimpses of grazing cows as you craft your masterpiece. This comprehensive workshop delves into animal sculpture, covering inspiration, idea development, research, armature, anatomy, composition, and design. Participants create a maquette and progress to completing a larger clay sculpture.

School Workshops

Workshops are offered to students from kindergarten through high school.  Ott has taught dozens of his workshops to hundreds of students at different schools in southwest Montana.  The fundamentals of sculpture as well interesting items including skulls, horns and antlers are displayed and discussed in class.  Students are provided clay to create a sculpture of their own.

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PowerPoint presentations are available to organizations and communities. A wide range of topics are covered from concept through completion of a piece of sculpture.  Slides of models, the creation process and casting are included in the presentations. 

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