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Circe's Pets  (life-size dolphin pair), Ed. 8

Easy Fishing  raccoon w/creel, Ed. 35

Eyes Of Courage  (stainless ermine), Ed. 25

Forest Friend  (tree squirrel),  Ed. 25

Having A Ball  (cat), Ed. 45

Ocean Fun  (dolphin pair), Ed. 32

Respected One  (white rhino),  Ed. 25

Return To Yellowstone  (wolf), Ed. 100

River Clowns  (otters),  Ed. 25

Stately Pair  (lions),  Ed. 25

Wolf Point  (wolf family), Ed. 25




Arctic Ghost  (stainless steel snowy owl),  Ed. 25

Backwater Hunter  (great egret),  Ed. 25

Breath Of Freedom  (bald eagle),  Ed. 37

Desperate Decent  (peregrine & pintail),  Ed. 30

Elegance In White  (great egret),  Ed. 50

Golden Slippers  (snowy egret),  Ed. 25

Graceful Moments  (stainless steel swans), Ed. 30

Great Blue  (blue heron),  Ed. 50

Great Blue  (life-size blue heron),  Ed. 10

Green Jewel  (little green heron), Ed. 25

Heron Fountain  (blue heron),  Ed. 35

Ibis Pair (white ibises),  Ed. 25 

Marsh Majesty  (blue heron),  Ed. 26

Montana Spring  (robin),  Ed. 35

Mr. Attitude  (rooster), Edition 20

On The Wings Of Freedom  (bald eagle),  Ed. 25

On Whispering Wings  (great horned owl),  Ed. 25

Piling Pals  (brown pelican pair),  Ed. 25

Resting Hummingbird  (hummingbird),  Ed. 50

Solitude  (blue heron),  Ed. 25

The Fisherman (kingfisher), Ed. 23

The Resting Place  (blue heron),  Ed. 29

Twilight  (great horned owl),  Ed. 25

Wings of Promise  (bald eagle),  Ed. 25



Back Country Bows  (rainbow pair), Ed. 32

Battle's End  (fly fisherman netting trout), Ed. 35

Dog Days Of Summer  (fisherman & Lab), Ed. 35

Fish Relief  (rainbow on walnut box), Ed. 100

Future Generation  (baby sea turtles),  Ed. 35

Old Friends  (fisherman & Lab lamp), Ed. 35

Rainbow Relief  (trout on walnut box), Ed. 100

Rising Brown  (brown trout), Ed. 25

Rising Rainbow (rainbow trout), Ed. 25

Rising Trout Coffee Table, Ed. 15  

River Wise  (rainbow trout), Ed. 30

River Wolf  (brown trout), Ed. 38

Spring Creek Feeder  (rainbow trout), Ed. 38

Stream Side Companions I  (fisherman & Lab),  Ed. 40

Stream Side Companions II  (fisherman & Lab),  Ed. 15

Trophy Release  (fisherman releasing trout),  Ed. 32

True Blue (blue marlin), Ed. 35

Wave Runner (sailfish), Ed. 27

Wonder Of The Stream  (rainbow trout pair),  Ed. 25




Autumn Glory  (bugling elk), Ed. 50

Arctic Ambush (polar bear & seals,  Ed. 25

Butch  (WSU cougar), Ed. 53

From A Distance  (grizzly),  Ed. 50

High Country Muley  (deer bust),  Ed. 44

Montana Griz   (grizzly),  Ed. 100

Mountain Traveler  (bighorn),  Ed. 50

Number One  (caribou),  Ed. 28

Prairie Winds  (bison),  Ed. 15

Silent Passing  (whitetail),  Ed. 25

Spirit of The Wilderness  (grizzly),  Ed. 25

Trouble On The Wind  (grizzly & cubs), Ed. 25

Water's Edge (moose), Ed. 35



Boot Camp  (Lab puppy chewing boot),  Ed. 38

Can't Wait  (Lab puppy chewing decoy),  Ed. 35

Charlie's Grouse  (ruffed grouse),  Ed. 100

Devoted Companion  (Labrador bust),  Ed. 47

Gentlemen of the Marsh  (pintail drakes),  Ed. 20

Golden Days  (father, son & Lab in boat),  Ed. 28 

Grand Companion  (sitting Labrador),  Ed. 50

Highland Prince  (chukars),  Ed. 30

Hunting Partner  (Labrador), Ed. 36

Hunting Partner Bust  (Labrador bust),  Ed. 47

Lowland Bobs  (bobwhite quail pair), Ed. 30

Lab & Mallard Relief  (dog & duck on box),  Ed. 100

Never Forgotten  (Labrador Bust),  Ed. 15

Point Of The Matter  (English setter), Ed. 18

Spring Fling  (ducklings), Ed. 25

Stream Side Companion (life-size Labrador),  Ed. 12

Struttin'  (turkey), Ed. 27

The Moment  (pheasant), Ed. 25

True Dedication  (Lab retrieving duck), Ed. 33

Valley Dwellers (California quail),  Ed. 30

Wings Of Autumn  (mallard pair), Ed. 27


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